Renewed at April 1, 2015

Original articles, review articles, reports and short communications will be accepted for publication. All papers submitted will be refereed on acceptability for the journal. The original manuscript can be submitted in a pdf as an e-mail attachment to:
Editorial Board of the Journal of Human-Environment System
E-mail address:, please replace “_at_” with “@”.
The manuscript must be generally arranged in the following order: title page, abstract, text, acknowledgments, references, figures, figure legends, illustrations and tables. Membership in the Human-Environment System is not a prerequisite for publication. Units used in the text, figures and tables are based on the SI system.

The text should be typed single-spaced, with 30 mm margins on all sides, on one side only of A4 size (215 mm x 280 mm). A font must be Times New Roman and its size of 12 points is preferred. Pages should be numbered in the upper right hand corner. When a paper is accepted, authors are requested to submit a MS word file of the final manuscript with figures, tables and photos via e-mail or on appropriate ways.
Authors are strongly recommended to use the English language editing services before submission of the manuscript to eliminate possible grammatical or spelling errors and to conform to correct scientific English.

The title page should be typed on a separate sheet and the author’s name should be typed on the line below the title; the affiliation, address, telephone, fax numbers, and e-mail address (if available) should follow on the next line. The corresponding author must submit the paper, unless otherwise indicated.

The body of the manuscript should be preceded by an abstract (maximum length 500 words for an original paper, 200 words for a technical report and a short communication), which should summarize the entire paper. It should be intelligible in itself without reference to the paper. Abstracts should include less than five keywords listed by the author(s).

Illustrations should be good quality line drawings and saved as image files such as jpg and bmp files with the exception of figures drawn with MS excel and other kinds of compatible software. Photographs should be enlarged sufficiently to permit clear reproduction in half tone after reduction and be saved as image files as well. Figure and Image files containing illustrations and photographs should be submitted together with a text file. Color illustrations will be accepted only if their costs are borne by the author(s).

Tables should be numbered consecutively and titled. All table columns should have an explanatory heading. Tables should not repeat data which are available elsewhere in the paper, e.g. figures.

References must be identified with the first author’s last name and year in the text and arranged at the end of the paper in alphabetical order. References should indicate the last names and initials of all authors. The form of journal articles should be as follows:
Gonzalez, R.R., L.A. Blanchard, Allison, W.F., Gonzalez J.A. (1994) Thermoregulatory sweating during cold transients and exercise: Effect of menstrual cycle phase. Journal of Human Environment System 6 (1): 34-39.
Abbreviated names of journals should be as given in the World List of Scientific Periodicals, 4th edn. London 1963-4. Book references should be given as follows:
WHO (2000) Guidelines for Air Quality. World Health Organization, Geneva.
In the case of single contribution in a book, it should be given as follows:
Fourt, L., Harris, M. (1968) Physical properties of clothing fabrics. In: Physiology of heat regulation and the science of clothing, ed. by Newburgh, L.H. Hafter Publishing Co., N.Y. pp.291-319.
In the text, references should be cited by the author’s name and the year in parentheses (Morimoto 1994) or Morimoto (1994). Where there are two or more references to one author in the same year, the following form should be used: (Osada, 1965a) or (Osada, 1965b). Where references include three or more authors the form (Kawashima et al., 1966) should be used.

Acknowledgments of collaboration or preparation may be included as final page in the manuscript.

Authors submitted original papers, technical papers and short communications should pay page charge. If authors are not Society members, a page charge is 4,000 yen per page. If they are all members, a page charge is reduced to 3,000 yen per page. Page charge includes one copy of the journal issue in which it appears and 50 reprints. Authors will receive a reprint order form with the page proof to purchase extra reprints. A copy of the journal issue and reprints will be sent to the corresponding author unless otherwise stated.

Page proofs will be sent to the author showing the final layout of the paper. Two or three days including time for transmission will be allowed, so that overseas authors may be required prompt action. Proof corrections must be minimal.

Copyright of the articles published in this journal belongs to Japanese Society of Human-Environment System. The articles published in this journal are protected by copyright, which covers translation rights and the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute all of the articles printed in the journal. Authors submitting a paper do so on the understanding that the work has not been published before, is not being considered for publication elsewhere and has been read and approved by all authors. The work shall not be published or opened to the public elsewhere in any language without written consent of the Journal of Human-Environment System (JHES).

It is expected that all investigations involving man reported in this journal will have been conducted in conformity with the principles embodied in the Declaration of Helsinki.